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What is a Design Myth?


"You can get a degree in this?"

"Oh, what a nice hobby."

"So, you are a decorator?"

"Wait, you charge for your time?"

"Interior Design? I can't afford that!"

"So all you do all day is pick paint colors and fabrics?"


Have you been a victim of these horrible sayings?

Do these comments make your blood boil?

Are you tired of your friends and family thinking your job is easy?

We know. They have hurt us too. So we are on a mission to put a stop to these atrocious misconceptions about interior design.


While fabrics and colors may play a large role in interior design, there are plenty of other tasks that are required of interior designers. Interior designers need to be educated in the history of design, building codes, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, computer-aided drawing (CAD), business and more. In short, designers wear many hats (and they aren't all pretty)! 

In order to raise awareness, we made a short video exaggerating a few common design myths.




We are building the movement through Instagram using the hashtag, #designmyths.



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We want your favorite #designmyths!  Submit your ideas in the comments below or on Instagram and you might just end up with some #designmyths swag sent your way. It's up us to come together and turn #designmyths into #designtruths. Because a designer is not a decorator.


Lindsay Paoli
Lindsay Paoli
Lindsay is in charge of the Sales and Marketing team at Design Manager and has enjoyed growing the DM company for the past 10 years. In her spare time though, you can find her taking care of her two adorably demanding little rugrats, traveling, enjoying new restaurants or cheering on her beloved Philadelphia sports teams with her friends and family.

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