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Pro Cloud’s Summer 2021 Updates Make Client Communications Sleek, Simple, and Swift

Smooth communication with clients is a big part of your success as an interior design firm. Designers constantly juggle several tasks simultaneously while thinking ahead to the next set of to-dos. With our Summer 2021 release, we’ve cut down the steps required for multiple workflows by up to 75 percent to streamline your communication process. Read on to learn how our latest updates help to improve your workflows and client communication.

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Save time when sending proposals

A great feature that already exists in Design Manager is the ability to create beautiful branded documents, including proposals. With the latest update, you can seamlessly share those proposals with clients in seconds.

With one-click, you can email the document directly to your client without downloading a PDF or drafting an email in a separate program. Your client can reply directly to the email, and their response will be directed right to your email address.

  • Pro Tip: you set your email address in File - User Settings!Proposal Created Successfully


Look professional with a new email template

We’ve redesigned the email template used when you send proposals and invoices. With an emphasis on matching your high level of quality and professionalism and keeping your client correspondence on brand, Design Manager’s sleek new template displays your firm name, plus a description of the document(s) you are sending, along with a link to view the document online. You won’t be starting from a blank slate: we’ll suggest some text for you, and from there you can add details and personal messages to your client before you send.

Plus, the Reply-to feature lets clients respond to you, and there is no more legal disclaimer at the bottom of your emails!

Collect payments via email


Collect payments via email

Once you’ve sent your email to clients, they’ll receive a link to a quick and secure online payment portal, with options to view any of the documents you sent and to pay instantly. Design Manager supports both credit card and ACH bank transfer payments, making it easy for you to collect client payments the same day you send your proposal.

client portal screenshot release 545


Count on Design Manager's email delivery

Reliability matters. Which is why we replaced Pro Cloud’s email delivery system to make sure the emails you send get delivered every time. Our brand new system was created by partnering with a world leader in email delivery, which allows us to track email delivery trends daily so you can rest assured that your emails are reaching your clients every time.

trusted email delivery -1


Customize fees by payment type

With Design Manager’s latest upgrades, you can now customize which fees you choose to pass through to clients. For example, you may choose to absorb ACH fees for clients paying by this method, but pass on the higher credit card fees to clients who choose to pay this way.

Untitled design (1)


Think less with Design Manager's latest toolbar

To help you focus on the tools you use every day, we’ve made some updates to the Projects toolbar. Everything’s still there, but some lesser-used Lists are now contained within a menu so they don’t distract you from your most frequent tasks.



Double-check your workflow

Don't forget! In Design Manager, you can easily see the status of a sent email, thanks to the Sent Status Column. It only takes a quick glance to know where you need to take action.

Untitled design (2)


Design Manager is constantly evolving to improve the way interior designers do business. As the all-in-one project management and accounting solution created specifically for interior designers, we anticipate ways your unique workflows can be made more efficient through technology. The less steps it takes to finish a task, the less chance of making a mistake that can slow you down. In the business of interior design, there is never a moment to spare!

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Greg Palmer, CEO
Greg Palmer, CEO
Greg has led Design Manager since 2020. He's passionate about design, beautiful things, and spreadsheets. Greg lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn with his partner and two dogs.

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