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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Interior Design Business

It should come as no surprise that interior designers love Instagram. Rooted in aesthetics, Instagram is a visual playground for designers, an immediate and reliable source of inspiration. But designers aren’t the only ones enamored by the illustrious feeds of Instagram―your followers have taken quite the liking too. The days of parsing through glossy copies of Elle Decor, dog-earing pages of Domino, and long visits to beautifully adorned designer showrooms are slowly dwindling. Now, more than ever before, clients are looking to Instagram to hire their next interior designer.

But while your followers may be quick to “like” your photos, the potential value that Instagram can provide to your interior design business extends far beyond how snackable your feed is. When trying to build an audience, it’s easy to get swept up in the world of likes and comments ―especially as a new designer―and there is no denying the benefit to a beautifully curated feed, but don’t overlook the value of authentic brand storytelling and engagement.


As we previously shared with you, when utilized correctly, social media can have a tremendous impact on your business. But a strong Instagram presence requires more than just a photo upload or a barrage of hashtags. It’s a matter of striking a balance between self-promotion and a genuine story―no easy feat. If done well though, interior designers can build authentic and engaging relationships with their audiences, and as a result garner more clients.


We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite interior designer Instagram accounts that do a seamless job of promoting their business while sharing their brand story and engaging with their audiences. So if you’re a new designer, or just looking for a way to liven up your firm’s social presence, we advise you scroll through these thumb-stopping feeds and take notes.



Bria Hammel Interiors profile screams quality. A great example of balance, their feed boasts a wide range of content including project highlights, design inspiration, candid moments with family, personal travels and more. They also regularly engage with their audience, actively responding to questions and comments and rewarding followers with giveaways.



A post shared by Peter Dunham (@peterdunhamdesign) on


Behind-the-scenes is the headline for Peter Dunham Designs, as their feed invites followers into their world. Dunham’s profile documents their daily adventures of sourcing products, before and after room reveals, and product installs―giving you an idea of just how much work goes into these beautifully designed rooms.



A post shared by Alexa Hampton (@alexahamptoninc) on


Alexa Hampton’s feed has it all―BTS, travel, personal stories, project updates and more. What we love most though is how Hampton shares her design process with her audience. She gives her followers an even greater appreciation for her work by taking them along the design journey―from conception to reality.



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The Tilton Fenwick Design Group’s feed is visually stunning, showcasing textiles of all varieties and sharing design inspiration from their worldly travels. They also do a wonderful job of utilizing the Instagram Stories feature to capture everyday moments, providing their followers with a glimpse into their world.



A post shared by Nick Olsen (@nickolsenstyle) on


Nick Olsen’s feed is beaming with color, quality, and variety. His captions are filled with historical details of products he’s sourced, tales of design inspiration, and client spotlights. One can’t help but get a sense for Olsen’s personality when scrolling through his posts.


When used the right way, Instagram is a great tool to help grow your business and gain more clients. Just remember to remain authentic, engage with your audience, and showcase both your work and your brand’s story. Finding the perfect balance will take some time and effort, but will pay dividends in the future. And be sure to follow Design Manager on Instagram and join in our conversation.

Janna Chanoux
Janna Chanoux
Although Janna’s been trying to persuade us since day one, we still don’t have an office dog. She graduated from Kutztown University in 2015 with a degree in business administration and joined the Design Manager team right out of college. She loves having the opportunity to learn more about technology and interior design on a daily basis. Janna doesn’t like “yard games,” but we force her to play them with us anyway (spikeball is our thing). What she really likes is making meatless versions of her favorite foods (she’s a vegetarian), binge watching TV series, trying new makeup, and going on walks with her dogs.

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